Q. What is the positive side of HCI?
A. The organisation is handled by experienced and professional person from the same industry.

Q. How can I associate with HCI?
A. Come forward with your true and recognised documents.

Q. How can I post my resume?
A. Very simple. Forward it by email.

Q. How can I ensure confidentiality of my identity at HCI?
A. We ensure full secrecy.

Q. How can I know what I need for my organisation?
A. HCI has an HR assessment that quickly identifies those most valuable areas and makes recommendations as to what to focus on and why.

Q. I need an HR structure, can HCI help with that?
A. HCI will make a complete assessment and ensure a functional structure is in place.

Q. Can HCI help in training manpower?
A. We have training modules which will help you in training manpower in an affordable manner.

Q. What will be the biggest benefit to have HCI as an HR consultant?
A. Peace of mind and HCI will ensure that your clients / guest get the highest level of service they deserve.


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